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Light at the Edge: Terms and Conditions

We want to make sure that each of our students gets the most out of their Light at the Edge experience, so we've put together some ground rules to help everyone achieve the best results possible. Please note: by registering for a Light at the Edge class and/or Get Started evaluation, you have agreed to the terms of sale, total dollar amount of the purchase (shipping and tax included, where applicable), and have authorized Light at the Edge to obtain payment in full through the payment method specified at the time of purchase.

 - General -

All purchases are non-refundable, including but not limited to: class fees, Get Started evaluation fees, reference guides, e-books, and educational videos.

Missed video conference calls will not be rescheduled or made up at a later date. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that they are available during the agreed upon time(s) and date(s).

Light at the Edge does not receive compensation for equipment recommendations--all of our equipment recommendations are based on our own experience.

 - Expectations -

Students are responsible for their learning experience! To ensure a quality experience, homework should be completed and turned in promptly (most assignments will allow ten days for completion), sample images and images for critique should be submitted at least 24 hours in advance of a scheduled video conference, and don't forget to ask questions!

Completion of the Light at the Edge new student questionnaire is required and a set of sample images representative of your photographic style and proficiency must be submitted to us prior to your class start date. The questionnaire as well as instructions for image submission will be provided via e-mail at the time of registration and login information for the Light at the Edge Student Resources site will be provided after your completed questionnaire is received, reviewed, and accepted.

 - Technical -

At this time, all One-on-One and Collaborative class video conferences take place utilizing the Google Plus Hangouts feature and participation in said courses will require students to have an active Google account. Google accounts are free and only require basic information (name and e-mail address) to create. In addition to Google Hangouts, Light at the Edge may also make use of Google Drive for distribution of video conference recordings. Light at the Edge is not responsible for class delays or lack of class recording availability resulting from technical difficulties.

Given the online nature of Light at the Edge's courses and heavy dependance on video conferencing as well as video lessons, a high speed internet connection (minimum 2Mbps downstream and 512Kbps upstream recommended) and a webcam are mandatory for participation.

Student images should be submitted as resized JPEG (.jpg) files, not to exceed 1400x2100 pixels or a file size of 3MB.

None of the information provided to Light at the Edge will ever be sold or distributed by Light at the Edge to any third party for promotional, advertising, or any other purposes not directly related to your educational experience. All prices, class availability, and policies are subject to change without notice.