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At Light at the edge, we understand that not everybody has the luxury of dedicating time to an ongoing structured learning program, which is why we also offer Get Started evaluations. Our Get Started evaluations are your chance to receive direct feedback from Jerry on how you can improve your images on your own time, at your own pace, and all at an affordable price! To get the most out of this educational experience, we ask that you send only un-retouched images—we're not here to evaluate your Photoshop skills.

Looking for e-Books, reference guides, and video lessons? Those are in our Educational Resources area.

Get Started Evaluations

Evaluations are typically divided up into three categories: environmental, studio, and wedding.

90 Minute Video Consultation: $347.00  

Deluxe - Three Categories: $247.00  

Standard - Two Categories: $145.00  

Economy - Single Category: $47.00  

If you enroll in any of our One-on-One or Collaborative learning courses within 60 days of having a Standard or Deluxe evaluation performed, we will credit the purchase price of your evaluation toward the course.

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