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Collaborative Learning - The Best Light Money Can't Buy

Jerry understands that each photographer’s educational needs are different and that is what sets Light at the Edge apart from conventional photographic training programs. Rather than listening to a canned lecture or learning in a classroom environment, we will incorporate video demonstrations with open question and answer forums through video conferencing. Jerry’s goal is to work with you in small groups of no more than 8 photographers to broaden and strengthen your technical skills, reduce the amount of time spent refining images in Photoshop, and provide you with the tools you need to set yourself apart from the competition on your photographic journey.

Our four week Best Light Money Can't Buy program focuses on using the most basic professional equipment (DSLR with a portrait lens, a tripod, an incident light meter, and the occasional gobo) to craft beautiful natural light portraits while on location at parks, downtown city centers, doorways/barns, and in your clients' homes using window light.

As part of your education with Light at the Edge’s collaborative learning experience, we'll cover:

  • How to find the light on location

  • How to use natural "gobos" on location

  • Where to place your subjects for the best light

  • How to pose to take advantage of lighting conditions

  • How to expose consistently using metering, a custom white balance, and the facemask histogram

You will also have access to our instructional video library during your four week experience, Jerry will be available via e-mail to answer any questions you may have between collaborative video sessions, image critiques will be provided for the photographs that you produce as part of the class, and downloadable recordings of each video session will be made available for use as future reference material.

Why spend $1500 or more on electronic flash gear, triggers, stands, and soft boxes only to produce artificial looking photos? You can create gorgeous natural light images with basic professional tools by just observing the classic principles of lighting developed by master painters over 500 years ago. Sign up with Light at the Edge today and learn to control the light.

Call today or register via e-mail to reserve your spot, as space is limited to 8 students per class!

This special four week course is available for only $427 - Don't forget to let us know if you have a referral code so that promotional pricing can be applied!

Don't want to wait for our next round of group classes to start? Then be sure to take a look at our One-on-One classes!

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